Privilege Metallurgical Technology provides cutting-edge technology for carbon reduction and carbon neutrality in the steel industry!

Today, the metallurgical industry is focusing on green, low-carbon, intelligent and safe production, and metallurgical technology companies continue to move in the same direction, as Italian steelmaker Avedi has achieved a major milestone by achieving net-zero CO2 emissions at its Italian plant, 28 years ahead of the European Commission's decarbonization target of 2050.
As the first steel producer in the world to achieve "net zero CO2" certification, Avedi is now a benchmark for the world.
Avidi's "net zero CO2 emissions" were certified by RINA, the Italian inspection and certification body, a third-party certification company that certifies the net zero CO2 emissions of all steel production, and issued Avidi with the certificate.
Among the many partners that have contributed to the carbon neutrality of Avedi's Italian plant, Priot Metallurgical Technologies has made a significant contribution. In addition to providing state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, it has also provided cutting-edge green steel technologies such as EAFUltimate and, more importantly, has pioneered the Avidi headless strip production technology in collaboration with Mr. Giovanni Avidi.




In 2009, the first groundbreaking ESP line at the Avedi plant in Cremona, Italy, was successfully commissioned, establishing true headless strip production with all the advantages of headless rolling. In its early stages, the line has already reached an impressive throughput of 5.5t/min. In 2021, the upgraded ESP line achieved a record throughput of 7.1t/min, equivalent to 3 million tons per year.
In addition, the Aveda ESP line relies on a continuous, uninterrupted casting and rolling tandem process to produce hot-rolled strip directly from the steel. The compactness of the line allows this technology to utilize as much heat from the steel as possible during the rolling process. Furthermore, the ESP line does not use gas heaters, thus reducing ESP carbon emissions to zero. As a direct zero CO2 emission thin slab continuous casting and rolling technology, Avedi ESP can reduce energy consumption levels and associated costs by as much as 45% compared to conventional production processes where continuous casting and rolling are separate, providing "green steel" in the truest sense.
As the ESP technology package continues to mature, the product portfolio is being expanded. Having proven that ESP can produce APIX70 grades, silicon steel (NGO and GO) and advanced HSLA steels, the Avedi plant focuses on high value added/high strength grades to meet the increasingly complex and growing market demand. 22% of the total annual production of HSLA steels was produced in 2015; in 2019, this value has increased alarmingly to 42%.
This disruptive diversification technology, which changes the concept of short process steel mills, has clear technical and economic advantages and, combined with its excellent reliability, has become the best-selling product of all the thin slab continuous casting and rolling technologies on the market.
In the last 10 years, Priott Metallurgical Technology has received orders for 10 more ESP lines, 8 of which are already in operation. With the experience gained over the past 13 years, we will continue to help more customers make the green transition with this unique and diverse technology.