1500mm wide strip successfully rolled at one time by Bayuquan Branch of Angang Steel

Faced with the severe situation of the current steel market, the hot rolling department of Bayuquan Branch of Angang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. can not rely on each other. While implementing the deep limit cost reduction, it has also explored the internal potential and explored the research and development of limit specification products. After breaking the design limit of 1430mm wide strip, it has recently refreshed the product width limit again, achieving a successful rolling of 1500mm wide strip at one time, making new breakthroughs in product specifications and leading the similar production lines in the same industry in China.

The width thickness ratio of 1500mm wide strip steel has reached the production limit, which is not only a test of the equipment's ultimate capacity, but also a challenge to the production process. The department actively organized management and technical personnel of process technology, equipment management, model control, etc. to hold a special meeting, systematically checked the limit positions of the whole process that affect the width production, sorted out the bottlenecks of the process, equipment, and model control for the production of ultra wide strip steel, took a series of measures such as adjusting the limit of tapping position, developing the negative width rolling width model, optimizing the guide margin and short stroke of roughing, finishing, and coiling processes, Ensure that the product achieves the expected production effect. Achieve 100% qualification rate of product width accuracy, temperature accuracy, side bending shape and other key indicators, laying a foundation for the expansion of varieties and specifications of Angang 1580 hot rolling line.