Information Announcement on Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Wastes in 2020 of Xinyu Yongli Strip Steel Co., Ltd

In accordance with the management provisions of the Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Environmental Pollution by Solid Wastes, in combination with the actual production situation of our company, and in accordance with the principle of solid waste pollution prevention and control of "reduction, recycling, and harmlessness", we have continued to improve the standardized management of hazardous waste, effectively improved the level of solid waste pollution prevention and control, and achieved the collection and storage of solid waste throughout the year, Zero leakage and zero pollution in the process of transportation and disposal have avoided the occurrence of environmental pollution accidents. Now, the environmental prevention and control information of solid waste pollution is announced through the company's website as follows:


As of the noon of September 21, according to the preliminary statistics of relevant platforms, the spot cold and hot coil prices of 16 steel mills in some domestic cities were increased by 9, with an average price of 37 yuan; Down regulation: None; 7 companies maintained stability and balance;


In the afternoon market of futures, the rebar was increased by 2.54%; Hot coil increased by 2.52%; Iron ore increased by 2.88%, and the comprehensive market price increased slightly.


The spot price of corrugated guardrail materials today is 50 yuan higher than that of the previous day, the price including tax of raw materials for the second wave is 4070 yuan/ton, and the price of raw materials for the third wave is 4050 yuan/ton.