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North China galvanized strip steel is steadily rising. Tangshan Shengfang is at a standstill

Today, the galvanized strip steel market in North China is steadily rising. Tianjin Haigang was up 50 yuan to 5700 yuan/ton compared with yesterday, Shengfang Jinghua was stable at 5560 yuan/ton compared with yesterday, and Tangshan Xifeng was stable at 5490 yuan/ton compared with yesterday. According to the monitoring feedback of Lange Iron and Steel Network, the galvanized strip steel market in Tangshan is currently at a standstill due to the impact of epidemic prevention and control. The galvanized strip steel processing enterprises in Tangshan have been fully closed down, and employees have conducted closed management and cooperated with nucleic acid detection in the community. In addition to the order inventory in the factory and warehouse, the remaining inventory of the seven galvanized strip steel processing enterprises participating in the survey is about 120000 tons, and the daily output is about 12300 tons, which is significantly lower than last week. At the same time, because Shengfang is still under the control of the whole region, the supply of main galvanized strip steel producing areas in North China has decreased significantly. Although some upstream Tangshan strip steel traders have quoted prices, few deals have been concluded. Shengfang area is still closed. In Tianjin, due to the control of Tang and Sheng, part of the demand has shifted, and the turnover of orders and transactions is better. It is expected that the market for galvanized strip steel in North China will be dominated by narrow shocks tomorrow. (Lange Steel)





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